It is not ethic…

It is not ethical principles, however lofty, or creeds, however orthodox, that lay the foundations for the freedom and autonomy of the individual, but simply and solely the empirical awareness, the incontrovertible experience of an intensely personal, reciprocal relationship between [hu]man and an extramundane authority which acts as a counterpoise to the “world” and its “reason.”

C.G. Jung


2 thoughts on “It is not ethic…

  1. This is a tough one for me to grapple. So, society’s opinion doesn’t dictate who we are? There is a purer individual buried beneath it all somewhere? This is going along with a lot that I’ve been reading lately. Society, no matter how sophisticated a hat it puts on, seems to be nothing more than frosting on the cake. Thanks for sharing, man. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Tagging a post about a psychologist tethering man’s soul to a dominator figure, with Taoism and Travel..

    ..suddenly, Freeland Forest Fires..

    ..Maybe the buddhism tag Missions towards Mahayana?

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